Fall is in the air and we are waking up to chillier and chillier temperatures each day. But, too many people, this is the perfect time to decorate, design, and change up the decor in the house. If you’re looking to add some holiday and fall bling it to your home, use these seven is simple ways to refresh your home.

#1. Shop clearance.Refresh Your Home this Fall with 7 Simple Design Updates

Right after Halloween, right after Thanksgiving, and right after Christmas are the best times to buy these holiday decorations. There typically 50% or more off normal price, just don’t forget to use them next year. Finding clearance items is a great way to restock and a refresher holiday decorations without breaking the bank and you might find some that can be carried over to the next holiday.

#2. Go with bold colors.

Bold colors are big for fall. Deep reds, oranges, burgundy’s, and even rich browns can add a warm and inviting color to your house. I’m not saying you have to replace all the furniture, but sometimes throw pillows the complement the color of your furniture can bring in a fall look without breaking the bank.

#3. Arches.

Arches are seeing a major come back in contemporary architecture and it creates a warm and inviting look leading people from one room to the other. It also adds a bit of the exotic feel which can work any time of the year.

#4. Oversized florals.

Adding of bold floral pattern in the fall when florals are usually reserved for spring can add a unique and creative look to the house. It’s a beautiful trend so look for big designs that have a pre-Rafael style on cushions, beddings, and photos.

#5. Oversized rugs.

Persian rugs are making a comeback and you can find design styles that lean toward the eclectic, contemporary, and traditional design. Although Persian rugs have never really been the ideal decoration for most homes, you can find overdyed versions that actually create a new modern look.

#6. Art with faces.

Vintage furniture, art, and home accessories with large abstract portraits are actually increasing in demands. It’s a little bit of the Picasso thing down to scale.

#7. Built in seating.

Built-in seating gives a sense of community, family, and bonding. Seats that are to spread out create a cold and distant feel. It might be time to push all your furniture closer to the center of the room to allow for better conversations and a more intimate gathering.

These are great ways to refresh your home with simple ideas. However, if you’re planning on selling your home this fall, these are some great ways to stage and design for today’s buyers. If you have specific questions on your home or would like ideas and suggestions to stage your Collin County property give me a call today.