8 Essential Home Cleaning Tools for New HomeownersThere are thousands of different tools and cleaning solutions available in the stores and all are said or meant to make the task of keeping your home clean easier. Which ones are actually essential for keeping your home in top shape? Read our list below of great cleaning tools to have on hand in your home.

Essential Oils

Not only do essential oils provide aromatherapy and some health benefits, they are great cleaning powerhouses. Many great green cleaning solutions can be made right at home with the use of essential oils. An added bonus: they make your home smell great too.

Scrub Brushes

So handy to have in many different cleaning situations. A scrub brush can get into deep and small crevices. They are great to give some elbow grease on tile, carpet, upholstery, etc

Lint Rollers

Not just for the lint on clothing. Lint rollers are very handy for removing hair, fuzz, lint, dust, animal fur, and more from upholstered furniture, lamp shades, curtains, rugs, and any other fabric surface that may need a spruce up.


Having an easily mobile place to keep all of your cleaning supplies may just turn into your favorite cleaning essential. Having all of your key cleaning tools in one place that you can easily bring anywhere with you makes your job much easier, more efficient, and maybe even quicker. Who doesn’t want to get their cleaning done more quickly to move on to other things?

Microfiber Cloths

Not just the newest fad in cleaning supplies, these clothes are actually very great for many different tasks. Microfiber cloths are hands down the best dusting tools. They don’t move dust from one item to another like dusters do; they actually lock in and trap the dust into the cloth fibers to actually remove the dust from your surfaces. Microfiber cloths are great for soaking up spills as well. They absorb a large amount of liquid and are nice and easy to wring back out.

Extra Spray Bottles

These are always great to have on hand, especially when you have a spill or stain on the carpet and need to mix up a cleaning solution for spot treatments. Having a spray bottle to fill with just water is also a great tool to keep around. Often times you need to rinse away cleaners with water to prevent the build-up of dirt in an area after cleaning and the easiest way to do that is with a quick spray down and a wipe of a cloth.

Rubber Gloves

They are not the most comfortable to wear, but they are more important than many people think. Not only do they protect the nails and skin, they also drastically reduce your contact with germs and help to keep chemicals out of the body that is only intended to kill germs on household surfaces.

A Professional Cleaner

This is not really a tool that you just keep in your closet per se, but it is one of the best tools in your cleaning arsenal. Without regular professional deep cleaning of surfaces such as carpet, tile, natural stone, hardwood, and upholstery it is impossible to truly clean your home and keep it in its best shape. Professional cleaning on an annual basis gets deep down where regular cleaning tools can’t reach allowing you to be more effective with your cleaning efforts during the rest of the year.