Timing is Everything in a Tight MarketIn tight real estate markets like Frisco, Plano, and surrounding areas, timing can really mean the difference between getting the home you want and losing out. But, it’s also not about pressuring buyers into purchases they are not ready for. This is the delicate balance. I want my buyers to be confident about their purchase but still understand the urgency when it comes time to pull the trigger on the right home. Such is the case with my client, Judy. Patience is a virtue but in the real estate world, waiting too long could mean missing out on the home you really want.

Byron is one of the most totally professional individuals I’ve worked with in any capacity. He works as hard as anyone I’ve experienced but is patient with his clients–never, ever pushing me into anything I wasn’t 100% on board with. He is also patient with timing issues–never in a rush to get  deals done at the expense of the client’s mental and emotional well being. All in all, I would use him again tomorrow if the occasion arose.” – Judy W.

Working with Judy and finding the right home for her in Preston Hollow meant taking the time to understand exactly what she wanted. If you simply tell me you want a three bedroom home, that’s pretty broad. I’m looking to find out your lifestyle and what you really need out of a home which is much more complicated than simply a three bedroom property. Perhaps you’re looking to be in a specific school district, on a cul-de-sac Road, close to town, or with a fenced backyard. I want you to be as detailed as possible in telling me exactly what you need and then I will offer tips and suggestions that you may not have thought of before.

Judy was looking for a simple home on about an acre, but with some basic questions, we found out that she did not actually want to maintain that full acre. That’s a big difference. Gardening and landscaping and an acre is quite a bit more work than simply having a green belt or trees behind the house that you don’t need to maintain. I could have easily shown her a dozen homes that fit that criteria but only two of them would actually be what she’s looking for.

This is my take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for. You may not even know until you answer some basic questions. This is how I really get to know what it is you’re looking for so that I can find you the right house that you will not only love now but in the future.

Ready to get started? Start here by finding out what size home you really need, then call me and let’s go over some questions. I’d love to help you find the right house in Collin County.

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