The Right Size Home in Allen Texas - Review

Finding the right size house is my specialty! It’s what I am passionate about. I don’t bother you with homes that are just too big or too small. My expertise is finding the RIGHT SIZED HOME for your needs. That might mean finding a 5 bedroom for a large family or a family that works out of their home. Or it could mean finding the perfect downsized home when the kids have moved away. Maybe it’s a condo or townhouse with very little maintenance or maybe it’s some acreage to start gardens, raise cattle, or just have some space. I help you find that perfect sized home or land. And this is why I appreciate Martha and her response here. Finding the right home AND having the care and patience to go along with it, is why I love this job!

The Right Size Home in Allen Texas - Review“We had a great experience utilizing Byron’s outstanding, professional expertise in buying our house. Very knowledgeable, patient and honest. Byron promptly communicated with us throughout the process. Home buying/selling is very stressful, but because of Byron’s calm and reassuring demeanor coupled  with his highly exceptional attentiveness to his clients (making you feel like you are the only one, yet he has thousands of clients,) he will turn it into a successful, less stressful experience for his clients. Not only will Byron help you buy/sell your house, he will go above and beyond your expectations to ensure you receive first class service. Because of his vast experience in construction as well, he will refer you to the best contractors if you will ever need work done in your home,(we bought a very outdated house which needs loads of upgrades to make it livable) and we are fortunate because Byron knows the best guys for every project!! He is a terrific realtor and highly recommends him to family and friends and anyone thinking of buying or selling their house !!” – Martha JT

If you’re looking for a home in Collin County Texas, I urge you to start with me and this website. I have all the latest listings for sale in the area including Frisco, Allen, Plano and surrounding communities. I specialize in these neighborhoodsHeritage Ranch, Seis Lagos, Brockdale Estates, and Inspiration. But of course, I can help you buy or sell anywhere in the Collin County area.

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